Social Media Presence

Today and for the foreseeable future, the question is not whether a successful small business or nonprofit “does” social media. The question is how well it does social media.

The world has never been more connected, nor as easily accessible than today. With the rapid developments in mobile technology (smart phones & iPads/tablets) this trend is showing no signs of slowing for a long time.

The emergence of social media on the world stage at almost the same time as personal computers and the internet were getting traction with the general public had a profound impact on not only the way we communicate locally but also globally. The shift in our way of doing everyday things (when’s the last time you used the Yellow Pages?) also forever changed how business, marketing and advertising operates. It is safe to say that Social Media leveled the playing field for small business. Now virtually anyone can reach millions for little to no cost. For many entrepreneurs, this apparently level field isn’t so level. After all, while huge budgets are needed at much as before with advertising prior to the onset of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all of the other social media platforms. There still is a bit of a challenge. When a few people or in most cases one person is wearing many hats, as is commonly the case in small business, where does the extra time come from to learn about and then take on the new tasks required? How can an already busy owner keep up to date on the constant changes online? Or find the time to develop engaging content; then post and tweet it? All while building the audience on social media?

Well, now there’s help!

The team at Innovative Online Solutions use an integrated approach to social media management. We then put the social marketing blueprint system into play to efficiently and effectively build your social media audience! Our professional team keeps your branding and message moving forward thus increasing your credibility and reputation online. If you want to harness the power of social media to grow online – act now!

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