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Are you ready to start a business online?
Do you want to change the look, feel and/or function of your existing site?
Did you know you need less than $100 to start a business online?

BUILD IT! will walk you step by step through building a basic professional website to start your business’ online presence. The methods detailed in this amazing instructional book are the same methods the author uses in every website build. At the end of the book you will have a basic functioning website to start building and living your dream! See more below…

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Note: Upon completion of order please remember your downloads are always available under My Account!

Hi Everyone,

After 20 years of helping people start their business online presence, I finally decided to put the methods and programming I use for my clients into an easily to follow format so literally anyone can start a professional online presence without having to hire someone like me.

Hiring a professional Online Operations Manager (or a webmaster/designer) can be a daunting task. Not only has the market been flooded with subpar independent contractors, but the work itself can be very expensive for a quality build.

When I began my career, I was very lucky to find myself in the position of transcribing interviews and seminars of the folks who are now known as the fathers and grandfathers of online business marketing! What they teach is so incredibly valuable!

One of the things I noticed back then, and it still seems to be a problem today, was the number of listeners and students of these incredible minds would end up at a standstill because they didn’t know how to set up the base of their online presence. Without that base online presence there was no way for them to implement the techniques and tools had learned about.

I have spent my career working with small/micro businesses and solo-entrepreneurs. Most of my clients have little, or zero, knowledge about how to actually do the tasks they have heard or learned about. Even though I have kept my rates at an “affordable” level compared to the rest of the industry, there are so many incredible people with incredible ideas that just could not find a way to afford to have someone else help them.

This book became my way to help those I couldn’t reach or help personally!

I hope to hear from you about your experience with your build to expand into a series that covers all your technical questions for your business online presence!


“Melissa is amazing at helping you go from an idea to a functional, promote-able online presence. Even, taking your current presence to MUCH higher levels of exposure & profitability. I’ve been working with Melissa for a couple months now. And, her brilliance and insights at helping forward progress have been immeasurable! Any chance you get to benefit from her knowledge, and talents, is something to jump on in a heart beat! HIGHLY recommended, for sure!”

Jason Oman TV Success Story & #1 Best-Selling Author of ‘Conversations with Millionaires’, ‘Conversations with Female Millionaires’, & ‘Millionaire Money Formula’

“After taking the leap and switching to wordpress I realized it was far beyond the easy drag and drop websites I was use to. This manual made set up a breeze! I was no longer overwhelmed and able to just let my creativity flow. It made it so easy I’m building another site too! And the extra info on seo help is icing on the cake!”

Jena Skai Skai Healing Arts Owner, Operator

Note: This is the PDF version of the book. Upon completion of order please remember your downloads are always available under My Account!


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