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Online Visibility via Search Engines


The team at Innovative Online Solutions has learned from years of working with all types of small business and nonprofit organizations, that search engine optimization is the most misunderstood areas of online marketing – yet it is without question, the most vital to your online success.

Potential clients and customers are led to your site by a number of online marketing techniques. Some of these techniques are referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By no means is successful online marketing limited to only SEO. It is also, but not limited to, social media, and off site interaction across the internet (general online marketing). Where many go wrong with both online marketing and in SEO is their “either/or” strategy. Most do not understand that to be as successful as possible, online marketing and SEO strategies must use an integrated approach. The secret is to use as many relevant techniques as efficiently as possible. Someone with the proper training combined with years of experience is the best bet for success.

Online marketing activities fall into two basic categories:

trans-SEO-innovative-online-certification-solutions-google-search-engine-visibility-PPC-Melissa-HolderOrganic online marketing (free online marketing) relies almost solely upon search engine optimization (SEO). Whether the SEO techniques are used on your website, your social media presence (such as Facebook or Twitter), anything and everything you do online to represent your business has a major impact on how those people trying to find your products or services are able to visit your site. If done properly, they will see your website in the “sweet spot” of the search engine results; if done improperly, your website may actually become hidden or blocked from search results – keeping your site from being seen and found. Search engines will penalize your domain if their rules are not followed.

Paid online marketing, for example Pay Per Click (PPC), allows people trying to find your business and its products or services to  find their way to your site via paid advertising placements. Examples of paid online marketing are Google AdWords, Yahoo/Bing paid ads, paying another website for placement of your ad on their site and affiliate marketers (by way of commission payments). This area of online marketing is like quicksand. If you don’t know the secrets to navigate the world of Paid Online Marketing, you will find you are paying too much in advertising costs. Many small business and nonprofits have been hurt financially or completely gone under from simple missteps.

Our clients repeatedly tell us that having a SEO expert who was Google certified with years of experience is extremely valuable to their company.

Any small business or nonprofit that wants the most success in the least amount of time possible knows that help from an expert is the wisest path to profits. Innovative Online Solutions is fortunate to have as a founding associate a Google Certified Individual, Melissa Holder. Let Melissa and the rest of our team put their training, skills and experience to work for you today!

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Successful Websites

UntitledFrom Branded Promotional Websites to
Customized eCommerce Websites

We can help!

A properly designed and constructed website is vital to your online success. Your website is your online showcase. It’s the place where potential clients, customers, or partners visit to learn about your organization, regardless of the your industry or purpose for being online. How the website functions as well as its professional, up to date layout and design will determine how you and your business or nonprofit is perceived. As we all know, that in turn has a major impact on their comfort level in any future activity with you.

As we have all heard, “You never have a second chance to make a first impression.” This is also true when it comes to your website and online presence. Our team of professional experts at Innovative Online Solutions have helped many other businesses to establish or improve their online reputation and credibility – and we are ready to help you!

Our affordable fully customized, branded and designed websites are constructed with not only visitor retention but also for search engine optimization (SEO). This integrated and customized approach to each website build sets our clients above the crowd and gets them on the fast track to being seen by those the want to attract; but also in establishing a polished, professional image online.

Contact us today, so that we can learn more about your specific online goals and help you establish the online presence you need to get there – fast!

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Whether you’ve had a website for awhile or this is a new experience for you – Innovative Online Solutions is ready to help. We have small business priced packages ranging from Customized eCommerce Websites to Branded Promotional Websites. Don’t have content or graphics and need help creating them – we’ve got the expertise waiting to help you develop material that is right for you! Have the content and graphics, but they may be a bit outdated and stale? No problem, our professional team can freshen them up and looking polished! Not sure what you need, but know you want to speak with a trained professional and have your questions answered or get some guidance?

(Each is a fully customized, branded content management system website constructed for search engine optimization. While each website is completely customized to your unique needs, most packages often include domain, hosting, email setup, blog/newsletter capability, social media integration, and is search engine optimized. Once your site is ready, the site is then submitted to the search engines. Of course, exact package details are determined by your unique online needs)

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Education Center

The IOS Education Center has a continually growing course list. Our courses focus on the various aspects of creating, maintaining and expanding a professional online presence for your business or services. Our courses are designed for all levels of technical ability – from beginner to advanced.

If you are an instructor of courses who has a course (or set of courses) that you feel would beneficial to entrepreneurs, please click the Become a Teacher link under Education Center in the main menu at the top!

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